AcouSort selected by EIC for participation in leading medical exhibition for the third time

AcouSort has been selected by the European Innovation Council (EIC) for participation in the European Pavilion at BIO 2023 in Boston, USA, after a highly competitive evaluation process. AcouSort is thereby one of 17 European companies selected by the EU for full sponsorship at America’s leading medical exhibition, taking place in Boston June 5-8.

During the convention, AcouSort will mainly focus on partnering and 1-on-1 meetings, discussing future OEM solutions within both point-of-care diagnostics and cell therapy applications. As BIO 2023 attracts 14,000+ biotechnology and pharma leaders, it offers a fantastic opportunity to discover new possibilities and promising partnerships.

The 2023 BIO International Convention will feature more than 100 interactive sessions across four days covering business development, a variety of therapeutic areas as well as next generation biotherapeutics. The delegation of the European Pavilion was selected based on their internationalization goals, technological fit with the scope of the trade fair, as well as their capacity to create business out of their participation.

“It is of course incredibly inspiring to be one of the 17 European SMEs or startups selected by EIC for participation at BIO 2023. This is one of the most important conferences in the healthcare and biotech industry, where most leading companies are represented. AcouSort has previously been selected by EIC for participation at BIO 2022 and Medica 2022. It is exceptionally rewarding to be selected by the EIC for a third time and we regard this as a true seal of excellence of our company,” says AcouSort’s CEO Torsten Freltoft.