Discover acoustofluidics.
Discover AcouSort.

AcouSort provides solutions for diagnostic applications and cell therapy manufacturing enabling automated and integrated sample processing of cells and extracellular vesicles.


Sample Preparation Modules 

For providers of analytical and diagnostic instruments, we offer modules for integrated sample preparation. Integrate the AcouPlasma module that enables fast and reliable access to blood plasma for downstream analysis, or request custom designed module.

Research Instruments

Our benchtop research systems, AcouTrap and AcouWash, are ideal for efficient sample preparation such as cell and extracellular vesicle separation, enrichment, labelling and washing with reproducible results. The instruments serve as Research and Innovation platforms, providing easy access to the technology for instrument manufacturers.



Acoustofluidic Technology

AcouSort’s core technology is acoustofluidics – a combination of sound waves (acousto) and microfluidics. Microfluidics allow for precise control of liquids while acoustics gives us the ability to move particles based on their different biophysical properties.

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