The stem cell therapy project Blue4Therapy brought to a highly successful close

The Blue4Therapy project was initiated in May 2020 with the ambition to develop clinical applications in cell therapy and stem cell treatments – two areas with great commercial potential for AcouSort. Behind the project were the University of Southern Denmark, BlueCell Therapeutics, Novozymes and AcouSort. AcouSort’s contribution to the project has been to develop a module for the purification of stem cells in a point-of-care environment (POC). The project has now been successfully finalized and the applications and hardware that AcouSort has developed within the Blue4Therapy framework have significantly strengthened the company’s position within the cell therapy industry.

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Learn more about the project and how AcouSort’s techology was implemented to purify stem cells: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ac5B9ekmqsA&t=408s