The prestigious US National Institute of Health becomes a returning customer to AcouSort

In 2017, the US National Institute of Health (NIH) purchased the first AcouWash prototype for the cell wash process in a new monitoring method for cancer treatments that they were developing. AcouSort has now received an order from NIH for the new AcouWash 2 system.

Since 2017, the NIH researchers have conducted a study comparing AcouWash-based cell wash to a conventional centrifugation-based protocol. The results have been published in Scientific Reports, a journal from the Nature Portfolio, successfully validating the AcouWash for the intended application. The study is part of a larger project where NIH aims to develop a clinical process to monitor cancer treatment.

As a result of the success with replacing centrifugation with acoustic separation using the AcouWash, NIH has now decided to purchase the AcouWash 2 to use for further optimization of the new protocol. The new AcouWash 2 system offers significant benefits such as improved throughput and stability in performance.

“The success we have had collaborating with the American National Cancer Institute at NIH is extremely encouraging and marks an important step towards future integration of our technology in cancer treatment applications. It also validates our strategy to use benchtop systems as innovation platforms for customer evaluation. Finally, a second purchase from an acknowledgeable reference customer like NIH is about the best quality seal you can get in our business” says AcouSort’s CEO Torsten Freltoft.

Read the press release here.

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The published NIH paper can be found here: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-022-13144-x.