The European Innovation Council (EIC) awards the AcouSort project AcouSome SEK 26 million to develop groundbreaking technology for exosome-based diagnostics

Exosomes are nanoparticles that enable human cells to communicate vital information with each other. They have potential to open a completely new field within diagnostics, as they can give us ‘status reports’ on organs such as the brain and heart, as well as give us vital information on tumor diseases, infectious diseases, pregnancy and stem cells conditions. EIC has announced that they grant AcouSort and its project partners SEK 26 million to develop an acoustofluidic thin-film actuated chip for exosome separation from blood. Of the SEK 26 million, SEK 12.2 million go directly to AcouSort, and the remainder of the funding is distributed to AcouSort’s partners Lund University, DTU, and Day One. The project will run for 36 months and is fully funded by the EU.


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