Status Update on current projects October-2017

AcouSort AB reports in a press release on 3 October 2017 its update on current strategic projects and other commercialization activities.

The press release primarily addresses the following elements:

  • AcouSort has successfully completed the fourth phase of the collaboration project with Life Science Partner I and negotiations of a formal Commercialization Agreement are in in progress as planned.
  • By the end of September, AcouSort completed with good results the first phase of the feasibility project with Life Science Partner III. This project targets veterinary applications of AcouSort’s separation technology. Next phase of this project is currently discussed.
  • The collaboration with Life Science Partner II has been temporally suspended due to internal reorganization and general product strategic discussions at the Partner.
  • Due to lack of resources at AcouSort’s production partner for the AcouTrap system, the delivery of ten systems that AcouSort has commissioned did not taken place as expected. Only one full system has been completed and as a consequence AcouSort has taken the decision to complete the assembly of the remaining systems on its own. The Company will initiate a process seeking a new collaboration partner for assembly of future systems.
  • During Q2 and Q3, an internal development project has been successfully completed providing the design of a new generation of the central trapping unit in the AcouTrap system.

Please find the entire Status Update (in Swedish) here: 171003 – Nulägesrapport