Status update after one year as listed company

AcouSort AB reports in a press release on 23 January 2017 its update on current strategic projects and other commercialization activities after one year as publicly listed company.

The press release primarily addresses the following elements:

  • After four successful feasibility studies together with OEM-partner I targeting acoustic blood plasma separation for a clinical diagnostic application, the parties agreed in December on a Term Sheet for commercialization of the AcouSort technology. Currently, the Term Sheet is in the process of being converted into a legally binding Commercialization Agreement.
  • A second feasibility project with OEM-partner III targeting blood-plasma separation for veterinary applications has been completed successfully, and the parties are currently discussing the content of the next project phase.
  • Half of the ten AcouTrap systems that the company are assembling in-house have been completed, and the last five systems can be completed with a few weeks notice.
  • Researchers from Lund University and application scientists from AcouSort are working to document the advantages of AcouTrap compared with traditional separation methods for large collections of clinical samples containing extracellular vesicles.
  • The AcouWash prototype system sold to American Institute of Health (NIH) has been delivered and invoiced. This constitutes the first commercial delivery of the new AcouWash product line enabling automatic cell wash.
  • AcouSort has assembled additionally two AcouWash prototype systems for internal application development and marketing purposes.

The full press release (in Swedish) may be found here: Nulägesrapport efter ett år som noterat bolag