Report from Ordinary General Assembly

Today, 16 June 2017 AcouSort has conducted its Ordinary General Meeting. Below is a summary of the major decisions made. The entire communique in Swedish may be found here: 170616 – Stämmokommunike.

The Annual Report 2016 was approved and the OGA decided to transfer the 2016 result to the next fiscal year. No dividends will be paid out.

The AcouSort board of Directors were re-elected and includes Martin Linde (Chairman), Thomas Laurell, Stefan Scheding and Annelie Sylvén Troedsson. Örlings PriceWaterhouseCoopers were re-elected as the company auditors.

The proposed changes of the Company Articles of Association were passed, and the Board was authorized to issue new shares up to 10% of the current share capital until next OGA.