Automated Sample Preparation Modules

AcouSort is developing OEM modules based on our proprietary acoustic technology, enabling streamlined integration of sample preparation into third-party analytical or diagnostic systems or consumables for point-of-care diagnostics. The OEM modules are the size of an USB flash drive and are integrated in-line with the sample flow path.

Strategic Collaborations

AcouSort is working with several international life-science companies to develop customized OEM modules for integrated sample preparation for a wide variety of applications. Multiple collaborations are directed toward the separation of plasma from blood cells in whole blood samples as this is a prerequisite for a large number of clinical chemistry methods.

AcouSort has conducted feasibility development studies proving the functionality of OEM separation modules both for chemical and optical plasma analyses.

The first commercial product containing AcouSort’s technology is in the development phase together with an external customer. The ambition is to initially provide 100,000+ OEM modules per year. At the same time, AcouSort is searching for additional customers for the AcouPlasma blood plasma separation modules.



Enabling access to blood plasma

AcouPlasma is a sample preparation module for integration into third-party analytical or diagnostic systems and consumables. AcouSort enables the core acoustic technology to be applied with a tiny footprint.

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