Automated Cell and Blood Sample Separations

The AcouWash is a benchtop research instrument for label-free separation of target cells from a variety of samples.

AcouWash Separation Principle

In the AcouWash, acoustic forces are used to separate different cells and microparticles from each other based on differences in their physical properties. Gentle ultrasound is used to move target cells from one flow path to another as the sample travels through a microchannel. With its gentle automated processing, AcouWash is excellent for performing sensitive separations and handling fragile cells without any loss in viability. The result is high-quality samples with minimal variation.


Blood Separation

AcouWash can easily perform blood sample separations to enrich target components from blood samples. This includes separation of plasma from whole blood as well as isolation of platelets or mononuclear cells. AcouWash can also be used for separation of bacteria from blood, and enrichment of rare cells such as Circulating Tumor Cells (CTC).


Cell Wash

AcouWash is ideal for cell wash applications where cells gently are washed to remove background contaminants.


More information about the technology can be found here

High reproducibility