Increased interest for AcouTrap EV isolation for nano flow cytometry applications

Over the past months, AcouSort has experienced an increased interest in extracellular vesicle (EV) isolation and sample preparation for EV flow cytometry analysis – a technique used to detect and measure physical and chemical characteristics of a population of cells or particles. The company is currently discussing several potential collaborations with Key Opinion Leaders to develop and optimize AcouTrap EV applications for flow cytometry analysis.

In February and March 2024 AcouSort engaged in two demo-visits to UCD Conway Institute to work with the team there evaluating AcouTrap EV isolation as a sample preparation step before flow cytometry analysis. The outcome of these demos showed very promising results for the AcouTrap capabilities to isolate and prepare EVs for flow cytometry analysis.

The field of flow cytometry is continuously evolving, and nano flow cytometry for EV analysis has started to be one of the most popular new evaluation methods to gain further insights into EV biochemistry. During the last years new nano flow cytometers specialized in EV measurement has been emerging on the market, the latest addition to this being the newly launched CytoFlex Nano from Beckman Coulter.

To position the AcouTrap and reach out to the EV flow cytometry community, AcouSort will be participating in the 1st Brazilian NanoScale Workshop: Exploring Extracellular Vesicles held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 09-12 April 2024. The workshop focuses on isolation and EV analysis with flow cytometry where several prominent EV researchers will participate. During this workshop the AcouTrap will be used to prepare samples prior to Flow Cytometry analysis.

“In 2023, flow cytometry emerged as a very interesting market for EV characterization. Our current marketing activities are designed to further explore AcouSort’s opportunities in this field and to accelerate sales of our unique AcouTrap system,” says Commercial Director Agnes Michanek.