AcouWash placed at two potential OEM partners

In line with the company’s ambition to increase revenues from its benchtop innovation systems, AcouSort has recently initiated two AcouWash lease collaborations with potential OEM partners, one in Europe and one in the US. The benchtop systems are important tools to enable easy access to AcouSort’s unique technology for researchers and potential OEM partners alike.

The first lease is an initial three-month rental to a European based company active within the cell therapy space. Compared to some of AcouSort’s other partners, the company is relatively small but has a very interesting innovation agenda. This new partner will use the AcouWash system to evaluate and optimize acoustic sample preparation for multiple sample preparation steps within its manufacturing process. The collaboration also contains an application support package to ensure that the partner has the optimal conditions to perform a successful and efficient evaluation.

The second AcouWash lease is an initial one-month rental to a US based company to evaluate sample preparation and cell wash for cytometry-like applications. Also in this case, the lease is combined with an application support package.

“With the AcouWash the user can easily gain access to our technology for internal evaluations. The leasing of the AcouWash systems to these two new customers is a first step in what we hope will develop into long-term partnerships. Future discussions about possible next steps and integration will be initiated once our collaboration partners have a deeper understanding for how the technology works,” says Agnes Michanek, Commercial Director at AcouSort.