AcouSort to supply Lund University with unique pre-focusing technology to enable high precision cell separation

AcouSort has received an order from Lund University to develop and deliver a modified AcouWash2 system with a unique pre-focusing feature to enable high precision cell separation of circulating tumor cells from white blood cells. The project will generate revenue of SEK 500,000 in 2023.

By using pre-focusing technology, the modified AcouWash system will enable high precision separation of cells that are very similar in size and weight. This will in turn allow for a range of new applications to be developed for research and diagnostics purposes. One ambition is to develop a diagnostic application that can identify cancer cells at a very early stage, something which has the potential of increasing survival among cancer patients. Another ambition of the project is to develop a research application that can separate different types of white blood cells from each other enabling the analysis of the different populations separately.

“Working with customers within the academia is very important to AcouSort. From a global perspective, the commercial potential is substantial, but that is just one reason why these customers are attractive to us. By partnering with leading universities, we also gain a lot of knowledge as we constantly are pushed to advance our unique technology further,” says AcouSort’s CEO Torsten Freltoft.