AcouSort launches next generation AcouTrap at CYTO 2023

CYTO is organized by the International Society for the Advancement of Cytometry and attended by leading researchers and instrumentation providers within flow cytometry. This year, AcouSort will use the conference to launch the new and much improved AcouTrap system. The conference is held in Montréal, Canada, May 20-24.

The new AcouTrap 3 system comes with improved design and an updated and intuitive software graphical user interface (GUI), which simplifies user workflows. The new design and new software are based on customer feedback from AcouSort’s last generation of AcouTrap.

Along with the upgrades to the AcouTrap system, AcouSort also presents two new trapping units with improved performance. The smaller unit has a capacity of up to 100,000 cells and is designed for minute samples and rare cells, while the enhanced unit has higher throughput and can handle up to 0.5 million cells. Both units allow for gentle, automated handling with minimal cell loss. 

“We see CYTO as a great place to launch our new AcouTrap system as many flow cytometry users working with precious samples and few cells struggle with the sample preparation workflow. The AcouTrap technology provides a robust solution that can significantly improve user workflows by providing high-performance staining and washing of cells before flow cytometry analysis,” says AcouSort’s Commercial Director Agnes Michanek.