AcouSort expands its reach to flow cytometry

AcouSort’s unique technology is finding its way into an increasing number of applications within research, diagnostics, and cell therapy. The latest example of this is a new collaboration with a leading life science company developing flow cytometers, a technology that rapidly characterizes cells or particles. The joint project will evaluate the AcouWash’s ability to improve sample preparation and sample clean-up prior to flow cytometry analysis.

The new collaboration comprises the lease of an AcouWash system as well as an application support package. The aim of the joint project is to establish protocols and generate data on a variety of sample types to ensure that the technology provides robust results. The real benefit of the project is the potential to validate the benefits of using AcouWash to automate sample preparation for flow cytometry.

There are several potential outcomes of this project. The AcouWash may prove to be suitable as a standalone accessory. More long-term, the AcouWash technology may be integrated at the front end of the flow cytometry system. In this way, the project fits well into AcouSort’s from-research-to-sales strategy where the bench top Research & Innovation platforms are used to build OEM collaborations.

The first step of the project is to evaluate and ensure that the technology provides a solution to the wide variety of sample matrices that the partnering company intends to work with.

“The flow cytometry project is very important for AcouSort as it has the potential to validate our technology in an important area for the company. Our project partner is a renowned life science company based in the US with a genuine interest in our technology and potentially a valuable OEM customer in the future,” says AcouSort’s Commercial Director Agnes Michanek.