AcouSort continues its strategic collaboration with academia- delivers a unique AcouWash 2 system to Lund University

In the autumn of 2022, AcouSort received an order from Lund University for the development of a modified AcouWash 2 system, custom-designed to support the separation of circulating tumor cells (CTC) from white blood cells. The project will generate revenues of SEK 500,000 in 2023.

The unique pre-focusing feature of the modified AcouWash 2 system enables high-precision separation and will be used to extract CTC from patient samples in a project at Lund University. The high-precision capability allows for a range of new applications within research and diagnostics, including the separation of CTC from white blood cells. The purpose of extracting CTC is to develop new methods to discover cancer at an early stage, whichcan be crucial for the survival of the patient.

“The modified AcouWash 2 system that we now have delivered to Lund University is yet another example of our successful collaboration with academia. By working together with leading scientists, we continuously expand the space for what our technology can achieve,” says AcouSort’s Commercial Director Agnes Michanek.