AcouSort: Awarded Best Healthcare IR Value Creation – Nordics 2020

AcouSort has been awarded Best Healthcare IR Value Creation in the Nordics by (Capital Finance International). Each year, seeks out individuals and organizations that significantly contribute to the convergence of economies and truly add value for all stakeholders. The Awards Programme aims to identify and reward excellence wherever it is found in the hope to inspire others to further improve their own performance.

“We are happy and proud of the award and see it as an acknowledgement of our efforts developing our business and our IR communication. Communicating on how our business is developing and thereby creating shareholder value has been and always will be important to us,” says AcouSort’s CEO Torsten Freltoft.

Motivating the award, states:

“AcouSort was founded in 2010 and recently listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market. The company continues to advance the technology through proactive collaboration with academic and commercial partners. It’s making waves, literally and figuratively, and the judging panel presents AcouSort with the 2020 award for Best Healthcare IR Value Creation (Nordics).”

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For further information on AcouSort, please contact:

Torsten Freltoft, CEO
Telephone: +45 2045 0854

About AcouSort

AcouSort AB (corporate registration number 556824-1037) is an innovative technology company focusing on developing products and solutions for integrated preparation of biological samples. With the help of sound waves, the company’s products can separate blood cells, concentrate, purify and stain cells, exosomes and bacteria from biological samples. The technology of the company’s products is acoustofluidics, where sound waves and microfluidics enable automated handling of samples in a range of application areas, from research on new biomarkers to the development of new diagnostic systems for near-patient testing – so-called Point-of Care (POC) systems. The company’s commercialization strategy is based on the already proven business model of providing separation modules to diagnostic system manufacturers for integrated sample preparation as well as to continue the commercialization of the company’s research instruments. With the help of the company’s products and development of point-of-care tests, new diagnostic systems and treatments are enabled, addressing some of the most challenging disease areas of our time: cancer, infectious diseases and cardiovascular diseases.