The Share

List of major Shareholders

AcouSort’s major shareholders with more than 2.0% owned by are listed below (updated 2020-03-31).

Name Number of shares Percentage of capital / Votes
LAURELL, THOMAS* 1,077,300 10.76
SCHEDING, STEFAN* 881,500 8.80
FRELTEC ApS** (Torsten Freltoft) 849,100 8.48
SVENSSON, LARS 355,000 3.54
NILSSON, JOHAN 352,000 3.51
STAFFANSGÅRDEN I TRÄÄ AB*** (Martin Linde*) 295,480 2.95
CORMAC INVEST AB 272,869 2.72
Other shareholders,  (757 st.) 4 886 337 48.78
TOTAL 10,016,666 100.00

* Board Member of AcouSort
** Owned by CEO Torsten Freltoft
*** Owned by 50 % to Board chairman Martin Linde and 50 % to Martin Linde’s wife.

Basic share information

  • The share capital is minimum SEK 500,000 and maximum SEK 2,000,000
  • The number of shares is minimum 5,000,000 and maximum 20,000,000
  • The registered share capital is (20 September 2016) SEK 1.001.666
  • Nominal share value is SEK 0.10
  • The shares are issued under the Swedish Companies Act (Aktiebolagslagen) and are issued in Swedish kronor. All shares are issued and fully paid.
  • There is only one class of common shares. All shares carry equal rights to dividends and earnings, and entitles the holder to one vote at the General meetings. One share equals one vote.
  • AcouSort’s share register is maintained by Euroclear Sweden AB, Box 7822, 103 97 Stockholm
  • Shareholders in AcouSort receive no physical share certificates. All transactions with AcouSort shares is done electronically through authorized banks and investment managers. Newly issued shares will be registered in the name of the shareholder in electronic format
  • ISIN code is: SE0009189608

Please see Finansinspektionen’s searchable list of insiders and transactions here.