Corporate Governance

Please find below links to AcouSort’s most important Corporate Governance documents.


Company registration number in Sweden (organisationsnummer): 556824-1037

Most recent registration document from Bolagsverket (in Swedish) [180124 Registreringsbevis]

ISIN-code:   SE0009189608

LEI Registration number:  549300PTSH3X6GMBFS32

Articles of Association

Articles of association (Bolagsorning) adopted on the Extraordinary General Meeting 20 September 2016 (In Swedish) [AcouSort BOLAGSORDNING 2017-06-16]

Corporate policies

–      Information and communication policy (in Swedish)  bilaga-1-informations-och-kommunikationspolicy-final

–      Insider policy (in Swedish) [bilaga-2-insiderpolicy-final]


AcouSort’s auditor is Ola Bjärehäll, Partner at PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in Lund.

Ola Bjärehäll

P: +46 (0)10 2129909             Fax: +46 (0)10 2139909
Box 2138, 220 02 Lund | Scheelevägen 27