International Sales & Marketing Director Hired


AcouSort announces today the hiring of Lars Damgaard Løjkner as Director, Sales & Marketing. Filling this new position is part of the company’s increased focus on on commercialization and sales. Lars will take up the position as of 1 April 2017.

Lars has a background as MSc in nano-healthcare technology from Aalborg University. The past seven years he has worked for the Danish company Sophion Bioscience A/S. At Sophion he has spent two years in the Company’s North American subsidiary as Customer Relations Manager, North America. The past two years Lars has been Global Manager for all customer relations world-wide and based in Copenhagen, Denmark. In this position, Lars has managed the team of customer facing application scientists and their advanced application development projects, and he has been very closely involved in all of the company’s sales processes and marketing activities targeting the life science/pharma sector.

See full text of press release (in Swedish): AcouSort – Anställer marknads- och försäljningschef