Delivery of AcouWash to Umeå University

Earlier this year, AcouSort reported having recieved an order from Umeå University regarding a modified AcouWash system. The system has been upgraded to enable separation of circulating tumor cells (CTC) from white blood cells, and is now ready for delivery during the month of May. The project will generate a revenue of 500 000 SEK.

The modified AcouWash system uses prefocusing to enable high precision separation of cells that are very similar in size and weight. This allows for a range of new applications within research and diagnostics, including:

  • Separation of ciculating tumor cells (CTC) from white blood cells. The aim is to be able to find the cancer early, which can be crucial for the survival of the patient
  • Separation of different types of white blood cells from each other to be able to analyze the different populations
  • High-precision separation of live and dead cells
  • Cell- and immunotherapy applications in cancer treatment and stem cell transplantation

The press release can be found here (Swedish)