AcouSort to present at MicroTAS in Basel, Switzerland

AcouSort will participate at MicroTAS (µTAS 2019) in Basel, Switzerland 27–31 October. During the conference Julia Alsved, Application Specialist at AcouSort, will present a new AcouWash application. The new application shows how AcouWash can be used to automate the separation of mononuclear cells (MNC) from blood, thereby increasing the sample quality.

The event in Basel is just one of many for AcouSort this fall. Since the summer, AcouSort has for example participated at DSEV in Danmark, the CSAC Conference in Czech Republic, the Cancer/Immunology conference IIS-ISCR in Israel and ASEMV 2019 in the US. AcouSort has also given several seminars and product demonstrations at multiple sites and universities in Denmark and the UK, as well as in connection with the conferences in Czech Republic and Israel.

Read the full press release, here. (Swedish)

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