AcouSort receives SEK 1.8M EU funding for project BioWings

AcouSort announed today 6 April 2018 the award of € 179,937 in EU funding for its participation in the project BioWings. BioWings is a project under the EU program FET-OPEN targeting the development of new Ce-oxide based materials for replacing standard piezo materials for generating ultrasonic vibrations.

The role of AcouSort in the project is to design acoustofluidics devices for applications such as e.g. sepsis based on the new actuator material. The testing of these devices will be carried out in close collaboration with Department of Biomedical Engineering at Lund University.

BioWings is coordinated by the Technical University of Denmark and includes seven Universities or private companies from Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Israel and Italy. the total project receives € 3M funding from EU.

The full text of the press release may be found here (in Swedish): BioWings-bidrag från EU