AcouSort presents updated strategy for 2020-2030

The last 12 months have been the most eventful and exciting year in the history of AcouSort. The company has experienced a rapidly growing interest for its unique technology. Based on this, AcouSort has chosen to partly revise its strategy to further clarify how the company will work towards increased growth and expansion until 2030. This is achieved by defining the company’s  goals for both the short- and long-term.

AcouSort sees an urging need for improved methods for automated sample preparation. This need is present both in the research world, to enable biomarker discovery, and from the industry to enable development of new diagnostic systems. Therefore, the company’s main focus will be directed development and commercialization of its OEM product lines and research instruments with the goal of overcoming the barrier of manual sample preparation.

The development will focus on three major critical disease areas: cancer, infection medicine and cardiovascular diseases, and two healthcare approaches: point-of-care testing and transplantation.

To enable this, AcouSort’s strategic intent will drive the company’s growth in three overall phases during 2020-2030.

Horizon I 2020 – 2022

Focus on market penetration to ensure that the company reaches a substantial market share and secures acoustofluidics as the golden standard for automated sample preparation.

Horizon II 2023 – 2026

Company scale-up to ensure high-volume production capacity of OEM product lines, while growing the business into all targeted disease and healthcare approach areas.

Horizon III 2027 – 2030

Diversify and move into therapeutic applications and additional growth areas for global coverage.


More about AcouSort’s strategy can be found on the Stragety & Vision page.

Read the full press release (Swedish).