AcouSort is expanding its reach to flow cytometry with the ultimate goal of establishing in-line automated sample preparation

AcouSort’s unique technology offers significant improvements as to how cells are prepared prior to analysis. These improvements translate into higher sample quality which ultimately leads to decreasing the time and cost of analysis – critical factors in many labs – and AcouSort’s solutions are finding their way into an increasing number of applications within research, diagnostics, and cell therapy.

Exciting collaboration within flow cytometry with leading life science company

The most recent example of AcouSort’s expansion into new areas of sample preparation is the new collaboration with a leading life science company developing flow cytometers, a technology that rapidly characterizes cells or particles. The joint project will evaluate the AcouWash’s ability to improve sample preparation and sample clean-up prior to flow cytometry analysis and will potentially validate the benefits of using AcouWash to automate sample preparation for flow cytometry.

Launching the next generation AcouTrap

The next generation AcouTrap was recently launched at CYTO 2023 in Montréal, Canada. CYTO is organized by the International Society for the Advancement of Cytometry and is attended by leading researchers and instrumentation providers within flow cytometry – a perfect audience for the AcouTrap launch.

The new AcouTrap 3 system comes with improved design and an updated and intuitive software graphical user interface (GUI), which simplifies user workflows. The new design and new software are based on customer feedback from AcouSort’s last generation of AcouTrap. Along with the upgrades to the AcouTrap system, AcouSort also presents two new trapping units with improved performance.

It is evident that flow cytometry is an interesting area for AcouSort. To find out more, we contacted Jessica Congiu, Commercial Product Manager at AcouSort.

Jessica, what are the main strengths of your technology when it comes to flow cytometry?

“Our technology as it is applied in both AcouWash and AcouTrap can solve unmet needs within sample preparation in flow cytometry as it has the ability to very effectively clean and refine samples in an automated way.”

Flow cytometry is somewhat of a new area for AcouSort. What are you doing to increase your chances of success?

“We see flow cytometry as a very interesting area going forward. To strengthen our offering, we recently updated AcouTrap’s trapping units to increase their capacity, thereby making them even more attractive to integrate in a flow cytometry workflow. We have also improved the applications for AcouTrap and AcouWash to ensure that we can wash the cells very effectively and gently in order to provide an efficient workflow with minimal loss of cells – something that is extremely important when working with limited sample materials.”

What is your ultimate objective in flow cytometry?

”Long-term, we are looking at the commercially very interesting possibility to integrate our technology directly into analytical instruments such as flow cytometers, allowing for an in-line automated sample preparation.”

AcouSort now reports a great interest for its flow cytometry solutions at CYTO 2023. Many potential customers were eager to get a demonstration of the new AcouTrap and especially the larger trapping unit. The company is now looking forward to begin demonstrating the new AcouTrap to potential customers and partners.

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