Strategy & Vision

AcouSort’s strategy is to use our innovative technology to revolutionize today’s healthcare. Its unique ability to automate and integrate sample processing steps will allow for a new generation of analytical and diagnostic devices. Patient samples can be analyzed directly at the point-of-care instead of at central laboratories, meaning the patient gets the results immediately. Through collaborations with leading life-science companies our technology will eliminate manual handling steps while saving time, money, and ultimately – lives.

Our strategy is to use our innovative technology to revolutionize today's healthcare


Our vision is to improve healthcare impact and save lives across the globe by enabling more and better diagnostics, faster!


Our mission is to lead and drive the development and implementation of a new gold standard within clinical research, diagnostics and therapeutics by providing superior automated sample preparation solutions that radically change the way healthcare is provided today, removing the bottlenecks for tomorrows standard of care.

Main Goals

  • Support new biomarker identification and diagnostic assay development for critically ill patients with high sense of urgency
  • Enable significant growth of the point of care market across healthcare sectors
  • Stay at the forefront of the acoustofluidics technology via in-house and collaborative R&D activities to support our vision
  • Become the leading supplier of acoustofluidics sample preparation solutions for the healthcare market

Commercialization Strategy

Our commercialization strategy builds on our validated OEM business model offering sample preparation modules and solutions to providers of life science research instrumentation, diagnostic equipment and therapeutic systems