Torsten Freltoft


Born 1958. CEO since 2014.

Education: M.Sc. in Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark and Ph.D. in Solid State Physics at the University of Copenhagen. Freltoft has also undergone the educational programmes Nordic Management of Technology in Stockholm and International CEO Master Program in Barcelona.
Experience: Freltoft has a vast and solid experience in company management within the biotech industry. This includes 13 years as the CEO of Sophion Bioscience A/S, from the start up in 2000 to a revenue of 20 MUSD in 2013, as well as managing the exit that Sophion Bioscience A/S conducted together with an American investment bank in 2011. Freltoft has also been the CEO of PlastiSens ApS and Chemometec A/S, had several board assignments, scientific assignments for EU and the Danish government and has been active in Business Angels Copenhagen.
Current assignments: CEO and owner of Freltec ApS and CEO and board member of PlastiSens ApS. Freltoft is also chairman of the board of CrimTrack ApS, board member of Xnovo Technology ApS and Eir Diagnostics ApS and a member of DTU Physics’ Advisory Board.
Prior assignments the last five years: CEO and board member of By Day By Day ApS and board member of Capres A/S and Aquaporin A/S.
Shares held in AcouSort: 858 862 shares and 150 000 stock options via company.

Gunnar Telhammar


Born 1961. CFO as a consultant since 2016.
MBA at Lund University
Experience: Telhammar has many years of experience from executive positions in the biotech industry. Since 2005 he has been CEO of BioFinans AB and since 2013 he has worked as Interim CFO for several listed companies. In addition to his experience as CFO, he has many years of experience as a board member.
Current assignments:CFO in AcouSort AB, Xintela AB, Tendo AB, Targinta AB and ImmuneBiotech AB as well as CEO and board member in BioFinans AB.
Prior assignments in the last five years: CFO in A1M Pharma AB, Preelumina Diagnostics AB, SensoDetect AB and board member in Targinta AB.
Shares held in AcouSort: 5 560 shares via company and 10 000 stock options.