CEO Torsten Freltoft joined AcouSort in 2014

CEO Torsten Freltoft joined AcouSort in 2014

AcouSort was founded in December 2010 by four professors at Lund University engaged in acoustophoresis and its applications within medical diagnostics. Besides Professor Thomas Laurell, who is heading the research group for acoustofluidics at the Institute for Biomedical Engineering, the founders were professor in clinical chemistry Hans Lilja and professor in neuroscience Patrik Brundin as well as Assoc. professor within hematology Stefan Scheding.

Funding of AcouSort

The company has primarily funded its activities 2012-16 through the conduction of feasibility and development activities in collaboration with large international life science players. During the period 2012-14, the company was headed by Dr. Kristian Enkvist who was a former development director at Perkin Elmer and Gambro (now Baxter). During this time the foundation for the company’s two bench top systems, AcouTrap and AcouWash was developed.

CEOTorsten Freltoft

In 2014, CEO Dr. Torsten Freltoft joined the company representing a strong commercial focus. He has lead the development of the company’s new business strategy based on the development of acoustofluidic OEM modules in partnership with established international life science players.