Business Strategy

The business strateimage_four-1024x701gy of Acousort is two-fold. Already started is the commercialization of the first of two table-top systems targeting biomedical research. The AcouTrap system was recently launched and has already been sold both in Sweden and in Germany (September 2016). The second table-top system, the AcouWash is completed as a working prototype, and final productization is scheduled for completion in H1, 2017.

Sales of these two table-top systems for applications in extracellular vesicles, bacteriological and cell-based research will provide early revenues for the company and also stimulate strategic collaborations leading to the development of more industrial high volume applications.

International Life Science Players

The second and significantly larger business target for AcouSort is the development of acoustofluidic separation OEM modules in collaboration with large international life science players. The first of these modules will be a blood-plasma separation component for integration in third party analytical systems where the access to blood plasma is essential for its function.

Market Potential

The ambition of AcouSort is to produce and provide such OEM modules. The market for consumable and semi-consumable blood-plasma separation modules is estimated to be very significant as blood plasma is already used for numerous blood based assays in the laboratory. AcouSort’s integrated blood-plasma separation solution enables the development of point-of-care instruments performing the same assays, but without the need for access to a laboratory.