Martin Olin

Chairman of the Board

Born 1969. Chairman of the Board since April 2021.Education: M.Sc. in Business and Auditing, MBA, Executive Board Program (CBS) and Executive Breakthrough Program (Egon Zehnder)Experience: Martin Olin has held executive positions as CEO, CFO or Director in international life science companies including Novo Nordisk and Symphogen A/S and has over the years held numerous board assignments in the Nordics as well as international enterprises. Most recently, Martin Olin was CEO of Nordic Eye Venture Capital.Current assignments: Olin is CEO of BerGenBio ASA, chairman of the board at DanGroup Alarm and RSP Systems, board member of Cessatech A/S (publ.) and AirHelp Inc.Prior assignments the last five years: CEO of Nordic Eye Venture Capital, CEO and board member of Symphogen A/S and board member of Ascendis A/S (publ.).Shares held in AcouSort: 11 905


Martin Olin is independent in relation to the Company, executive officers and major shareholders.

Thomas Laurell

Board Member

Born 1961. Board member since 2011.
Education: M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and Doctor of Technology at Lund Univeristy
Experience: Laurell is an elected member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences since 2010, the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences since 2007 and the Royal Physiographic Society in Lund since 2007. Laurell is a world leading researcher within microchip-based acoustophoresis and has contributed to over 200 published articles and 31 patent applications. Laurell also has many years of experience in starting and running companies and board experience from both listed and private companies, such as Genovis AB and ErySave AB. In addition to his academic and commercial experience, Professor Laurell has been awarded several awards within science, innovation and entrepreneurship. The research headed by Professor Laurell is the basis of AcouSort’s business.
Current assignments: board member of Scandi Candy AB, Scandi
Fastighets AB, Aktiebolaget Brygghuset Finn (publ), TÅLA Invest AB
and Sweden Medtech4Health AB.
Prior assignments the last five years: board member of Treat4Life AB, ISET AB and Picology Aktiebolag.
Shares held in AcouSort: 1 086 824


Thomas Laurell is independent in relation to the Company, executive officers and major shareholders.

Stefan Scheding

Board Member

Born 1962. Board member since 2012.
Education: Medical degree (MD) and Doctoral degree (Dr. med.) in Internal Medicine.
Experience: Scheding is Professor and research group leader at the Division of Molecular Hematology and Lund Stem Cell Center at Lunds universitet. Scheding is also Senior Consultant at the Department of Hematology at Skåne University Hospital in Lund. The main focus of Scheding’s research is stem cell biology and the development of new cell therapies in stem cell transplantations. Scheding is a member of several national and international hematology and cell therapy research councils and has contributed to over 90 published articles within his areas of research.
Current assignments:
Prior assignments the last five years:
Shares held in AcouSort: 886 262


Stefan Scheding is independent in relation to the Company, executive officers and major shareholders.

Katherine Flagg

Board Member

Board member since December 2021.
Education: Bachelor of Science from Douglas College/Rutgers University.
Experience: Katherine is a dynamic, result-oriented Life Sciences professional based in New York, USA. She is offering successful experience driving new business, growing market share, and expanding customer base within the pharmaceutical, diagnostic, & research markets. Katherine is an exceptional communicator who effectively interacts across all organizational levels, consistently delivering sales results and maximizing account loyalty while driving new technologies into the life science market.
Current assignments: Business Unit Director, Fluidigm Corporation
Prior assignments the last five years: SVP Americas, Gyros Protein Technology
Shares held in AcouSort:


Katherine Flagg is independent in relation to the Company, executive officers and major shareholders.