Martin Linde
Chairman of the Board 

Martin Linde (born 1967) has been chairman of AcouSort’s board since 2015. He holds a M.Sc. degree in Economic History and an EMBA, both degrees are from Lund University in Sweden.

Martin Linde has vast industry experience and has been CEO for Arc Aroma Pure AB, Finax, Atria Retail and Aquilles Invest AB . He holds board assignments in Optifreeze AB, Joblink Norden AB and Semenco AB. His focal points have included strategy, commercialization and sales & marketing.

Martin Linde owns 5% of the capital share and represents 5% of the votes in AcouSort.

Thomas Laurell
Board Member 

Thomas Laurell (born 1961) is Professor of Medical Chemical Microsensors at the Dept. of Biomedical Engineering at Lund University. He is also Fellow at the School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo and Distinguished Professor, Dongguk University, Seoul, Republic of Korea. Professor Laurell is a world leader with the field of acoustophoresis based on microchips. He has published more than 130 academic articles and made 25 patent applications.

Professor Laurell has a solid commercial background and has been involved in a number of businesses, including ErySave AB, Picology AB and ISET AB. He holds a board assignment in Genovis AB. Besides his academic and commercial experience, Professor Laurell has been recognized with prizes within academia, innovation and entrepreneurship. The research that AcouSort is based on comes from Professor Laurell’s group at Lund University.

Thomas Laurell owns 19,54% of the capital share and represents 19,54% of the votes in AcouSort.

Stefan Scheding
Board Member 

Stefan Scheding (born 1962) is Associate Professor, Senior Consultant at Lund Stem Cell Center & University Hospital Lund. Stefan Scheding holds a Doctor of Medicine (MD) from the University of Cologne. Dr. Scheding is group leader at Lund’s Stem Cell Center at Lunds University hospital focusing on developing new types of cell therapies for stem cell transplantations. Dr. Scheding is involved in a number of national and international research committees for cell therapy and has published more than 50 academic papers in this field.

Stefan Scheding owns 15,25% of the capital share and represents 15,25% of the votes in AcouSort.

Annelie Troedsson
Board Member 

Annelie Troedsson (born 1948) is a legal expert with a background as lawyer at Lund University. Troedsson also has board experience including board positions at Hexagem AB, Oncorel AB and BoMill Holding AB.