Over 20 Years of R&D at Lund University

AcouSort’s core technology has been researched and developed for over 20 years at Lund University in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, research headed by Professor Thomas Laurell. As the technology matured, its capabilities generated significant interest from life science companies.

In December 2010, AcouSort was founded in order to commercialize the research. The founders were professor Laurell together with three other Lund University professors: Hans Lilja (clinical chemistry), Patrik Brundin (neuroscience) and Stefan Scheding (hematology).

Initially, AcouSort’s activities were limited to conducting feasibility studies in collaboration with life-science companies. Eventually, the company developed its own benchtop instruments, AcouTrap and AcouWash, to facilitate research and application development.

In 2014, CEO Dr. Torsten Freltoft joined AcouSort, representing a strong commercial focus. He has led the development of the company’s current business strategy, focusing on developing OEM solutions for the healthcare market.



Professor Thomas Laurell initiates research of acoustic separation and trapping at the Department of Biomedical Engineering, Lund University


AcouSort is founded

First small round of funding

First external collaboration initiated


CEO Dr. Torsten Freltoft joins AcouSort

Additional collaborations with major life-science players started

AcouTrap prototype developed


AcouTrap prototype launched, 3 systems sold to Lund University research groups

First major feasibility studies conducted in collaboration with life-science players


AcouSort is transformed from project based company to a fully operational organization


Listed at Swedish stock market Aktietorget (now called Spotlight)

AcouWash prototype delivered to NIH

First commercial manufacturing of AcouTrap systems


Distribution and license agreement signed with Instrumentation Laboratory

BioWings project receives EU funding

AcouPlasma project receives Horizon2020 funding

AcouSort Inc. founded

AcouWash selected as a top 10 innovation by The Scientist

AcouTrap 2 CE-marked


Distribution agreement in Japan

First systems placed in Japan and Korea

Application development group established

AcouPlast project receives Eurostars funding

AcouWash CE-marked


Development of upgraded AcouWash system enabling CTC separations

Blue4Therapy project receives Vinnova funding

AcouSort changes trading venue to Nasdaq First North Growth Market

ISO 13485 certification received


AcouWash 2 launched

IndiCell project receives EU funding

First OEM product AcouPlasmaOptical launched