Using Sound Waves for Blood Separation

AcouSort is an innovative technology company with high focus on products and solutions for automated preparation of biological samples for researchers and life science companies. The core technology is acoustofluidics where a combination of microfluidics and sound waves is used to separate blood into its components, to isolate and purify cells and extracellular vesicles and to perform rapid biochemical reactions.

AcouSort’s core technology has been researched and developed for over 20 years at Lund University in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, research headed by Professor Thomas Laurell, board member of AcouSort.

Solutions that are easy to integrate into analytical and diagnostic instruments

The Early Diagnosis Challenge

Today, two out of three deaths are caused by either cancer, infections or cardiovascular diseases. In order to reduce the mortality in these key areas, early and accurate diagnosis is critical. Rapid diagnosis allows for quick medical interventions using the optimal treatment methods which drastically improves the outcome.

Improving healthcare is a multi-step process, starting with early research and identification of biomarkers. The knowledge gained in the research stage shall then be translated into diagnostic tools and subsequently, therapeutic treatments. AcouSort’s products has a unique ability to support this process throughout all stages.