AcouPlasmaOptical, an OEM module enabling optical access to plasma in whole blood samples.

AcouSort is developing OEM modules for integration into third-party analytical or diagnostic systems or consumables. AcouSort enables the core acoustic technology to be applied with a tiny footprint.

The acoustic chip allows for:

  • Separation of blood cells from plasma
  • Cell washing
  • Cell separation
  • Sample concentration

The module enables separation of blood into plasma and cells, allowing for measurements directly on either fraction using optical and chemical analysis inside the instrument. By being able to produce pure plasma directly in the system, many measurements can be conducted or enhanced compared to measuring directly on whole blood. Most importantly, it enables point of care diagnostics, removing the requirement to ship the samples to a central laboratory.

The OEM module is the size of a USB stick and can be integrated in-line with the sample flow path. This enables the integrated instrument to handle or manipulate unprocessed blood samples, thereby removing manual process steps for users and reducing time to results.

The product sheet for AcouSort’s OEM module for optical plasma access can be found here: OEM AcouPlasma Optical.

OEM collaboration

AcouSort has several ongoing or starting collaboration projects for this OEM product with international life science partners representing separate application areas. To separate plasma from blood cells in whole blood samples is the first step for a large number of clinical chemistry methods, where our OEM module could replace centrifugation, facilitating automation and miniaturization. AcouSort has conducted feasibility development studies proving the functionality of the planned separation modules both for chemical and optical plasma analyses. Thus, the development of the first actual OEM product is in the development phase together with an external partner with the prospect of initially providing 100,000+ OEM modules per year. At the same time, AcouSort is searching for additional partners within other fields of application for blood-plasma separation modules.

Joint collaboration / Custom solutions

In addition to the standard OEM module, AcouSort engages in joint development of custom solutions based on acoustic separation and trapping.

Current collaborations with leading international biotech companies focus on in-line separation of plasma from whole blood for integration in analytical or diagnostic instruments