The AcouWash is a table-top research tool that enables high purity cell wash, label-free cell separations and eliminates operator variations. It standardizes the process of centrifugation.

AcouWash Advantage

The advantage of using acoustic cell washing compared with standard centrifugation is the ability to handle much lower cell concentrations and more fragile cells. For small cell numbers the pellet will almost be invisible in a normal centrifuge, and if the pellet is lost somewhere in the process, it will not be known until the analysis.

In the AcouWash, cells are washed in the microfluidic channel by moving them from the source stream to the buffer stream, leaving behind contaminants. As the cells have different acoustic properties than the solutions around them, they will move in an acoustic field. This is a very gentle process, and for both high and low concentrations of cells. One wash in the AcouWash corresponds to around 3 manual centrifugations in terms of purity.

Application notes

  • Cell Wash (pdf), on using AcouWash for automated and efficient cell wash with high cell recovery
  • MNC Separation (pdf) on using AcouWash for automated and label-free high-quality separation of mononuclear cells (MNC) from whole blood