Words from CEO

CEO Torsten Freltoft joined AcouSort in 2014

CEO Torsten Freltoft joined AcouSort in 2014

The measure of any biotech company is a record of how well they address doctors’ and patients’ need for effective diagnostics and treatment.

Let alone sepsis (blood poisoning) and cancer claim 750,000 casualties in the US annually. One of the reasons for the high number of victims is that the current methods for bioanalysis that are required to give a correct diagnose and treatment is both time-consuming and ineffective. AcouSort addresses this need for faster and more precise diagnostic methods.

Gentle and time-effective method

 An essential part of bioanalysis is to separate, isolate and concentrate certain particles, e.g. blood cells or bacteria, from patient blood samples. These particles are normally diluted in blood and therefor difficult to collect enough of to analyze them. It is this part of the bioanalysis that AcouSort addresses by using a method to separate particles called acoustophoresis.   By using ultrasound waves the particles in a buffer liquid are affected to move in various ways. Particles with different properties, e.g. different sizes and identities will move in different ways when exposed to the same ultra sound waves. They may then be separated or collected individually. The advantages of this method are that it is both gentle towards the cells in contrast to centrifugation methods. The cells are therefore not damaged. Besides this, the method is time-effective.

Exclusive rights to world-leading R&D

Acoustophoresis research is to a large extent thanks to Professor Thomas Laurell and his research team at Lund University. Professor Laurell sits on AcouSort’s board and the company has exclusive rights to commercialize the results of his ongoing and world-leading research.

Current & Upcoming products

Acousort’s designs and markets products based on acoustophoresis.  The first product AcouTrap has been launched and AcouWash will be launched in 2017. They are both research instruments for academic studies of biological particles. AcouTrap is currently being sold to academia.

In biotech instruments have to obtain authority approval before use. The research and development methods provided by new instruments are then presented in academic papers, which at the same time ensures a proof of concept of the method.

Long-term Vision

 AcouSorts long-term vision is that our products are used in clinical and hospital services. Currently, we are developing a so-called OEM module (Original Equipment Manufacturer) in collaboration with a global medtech company that in the futre will be integrated in their next generation instrument.

It is in the hospital service sector that AcouSort can make a major impact for patients who will receive a more effective treatment, but also for our shareholders, as the clinical usages have a strong financial profitability

Spotlight, the Swedish marketplace

 Based on AcouSort’s vision we will go through with an 11 M Swedish Kroner emission of new shares and afterwards a public offering at the Spotlight Stockmarket (previously AktieTorget).

We assess that with this emission, we will be able to implement a major commercialization and development plan including the development and launch of the first OEM model as well as further development of products and entering of strategic partnerships with key actors in Life Science. We believe that these activities will provide both patients with better diagnostics and treatment as well as profitability for shareholders. With these words I welcome potential investors to be part of AcouSort – a biotech company with a great future potential based on world-leading research.