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AcouSort Laboratory

AcouSort Laboratory: Bioanalytical methods based on acoustophoresis

What is acoustophoresis?

Does your company need to improve handling of cells/particles on the microfluidic scale? If so, AcouSort can solve your problems by means of acoustophoresis!

The technology of acoustophoresis is based on using ultrasound to isolate, separate or trap microscopic particles such as blood cells, bacteria or extracellular vesicles in microfluidic channels. So, the use of acoustic forces for cell manipulation is commonly termed acoustophoresis (migration by means of acoustic forces).

AcouSort in brief

AcouSort is a biotech company providing solutions for automated sample preparations involving biological cells or other organelles. The company is based on commercializing the research within acoustophoresis from the world renowned group of professor Thomas Laurell at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering (BME) at Lund University, Sweden.

AcouSort develops proprietary bioanalytical and clinical applications based on acoustophoresis. AcouSort also covers custom-developed acoustophoresis applications. Please read CEO Torsten Freltoft’s aspirations for AcouSort.

Current applications

Initially, AcouSort’s benchtop systems are targeting enrichment applications within bacteria & extracellular vesicle research and in the pipeline are OEM blood-plasma separations modules enabling Point-of-Care system providers with online access to plasma based assays without any pretreatment of blood samples.

Future applications

Future applications range from isolation and up-concentration of Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) for cancer monitoring over bacteria enrichment for fast sepsis diagnostics to sorting of stem cells for re-installment of red blood cell production capability in leukemia patients after chemotherapy.

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