Acoustophoretic separation on a chip


AcouSort in Brief

Does your company need to improve handling of cells/particles on the microfluidic scale? We optimize/solve you problems by means of acoustophoresis!

AcouSort develops continuous flow-based microfluidic systems for cell/particle separation, enrichment and handling technology. The core technology relies on acoustic standing wave forces integrated in microfluidic systems, which enable sorting and rapid processing of cell samples. The use of acoustic forces for cell manipulation is commonly termed acoustophoresis (acoustophoresis - migration by means of acoustic forces). AcouSort develops proprietary bioanalytical and clinical applications based on acoustophoresis. AcouSort also offers custom-developed acoustophoresis applications.

Our goal is to be

  • recognized as the leading company for clinical and medical applications of acoustophoresis.
  • recognized as the first hand choice as a contract research partner within acoustophoresis applications.
  • the leading knowledge-based producer of bioanalytical solutions based on acoustophoresis